Bitcoin Pub Co Tee

Stand with us in the mission to revitalise the Great British Pub with the Bitcoin Pub Company t-shirt. This premium cotton tee offers comfort and durability, perfect for the urban explorer and those passionate about our cause. Wearing this t-shirt isn’t just about style—it’s about making a statement. As we spearhead the movement to introduce Bitcoin as the lifeline for our cherished pubs, your purchase directly supports our efforts to educate and onboard pub operators. Join us in paving the way towards a future where pubs thrive through the power of Bitcoin. Wear your support, champion the cause, and be part of securing a prosperous future for our community hubs.

£ 28.00 GBP

  • Classic unisex fit
  • Signature softness with 100% combed and ring-spun cotton
  • Timeless crew neck and short sleeves combo
  • Reinforced shoulder taping for enduring treks through the cityscape
  • Pre-shrunk fabric, ready to wear from day one

The Bitcoin Pub Company Manifesto

In the heart of every village, at the corner of every bustling city street stands a beacon of British culture—the pub. But today, this cultural cornerstone is faltering. It’s time to breathe new life into the Great British Pub, and Bitcoin is our lifeline.

The Bitcoin Pub Company is not merely a venture; it’s a crusade to revitalise hope and secure a prosperous future for our cherished locals. Pubs are the very embodiment of British values and community spirit—yet, they're under siege by the relentless grind of inflation and mounting economic headwinds, eroding margins, and challenging the survival of both independent locals and larger pub groups alike.

Bitcoin is the antidote to this silent crisis. The unchecked expansion of the monetary supply has crushed the viability of the pub business. Bitcoin introduces a new standard, a deflationary currency that appreciates over time, making the prospect of running a pub not only viable but promising.

Envision the clientele of the future: the Bitcoiner. They are the pioneers, the affluent, and the optimists. They seek to forge a better world and hold loyalty as a core virtue. Attract Bitcoiners, and you welcome a community of steadfast patrons ready to champion your business.

Today, we issue a rallying cry for the finest pubs to join our mission. The Bitcoin Pub Company will evolve into the definitive collective, a gathering place for the pubs that embrace the future of currency.

This is our declaration: to save the Great British Pub. We are not a business; we are a mission. We pledge every donated Satoshi to spearhead this campaign, to ensure that those who lead will be followed by the many in time.

We are at a crossroads where societal bonds and British values are in jeopardy. The pub is more than a place to drink—it's where our culture and community find common ground. With Bitcoin, we return purpose and optimism to the Great British pub. We are on the cusp of a renaissance, and with Bitcoin, the best is yet to come.