Journeys is the ultimate membership platform that enhances the customer experience at every touchpoint with its flexible features. From Member Journeys and tiers to content visibility, scheduling, and promotional codes, Journeys empowers you to create a personalised club that reflects your brand identity.

Here's a closer look at some of Journeys' key features:

Flexible Member Journeys

Our highly flexible rule engine underpins all aspects of the Journeys platform. You have complete control over setting conditions that trigger events as part of the customer life cycle. For example, you could offer a student discount to anyone with an email address from a local university or give new users a 500 point bonus to welcome them to your club. With Member Journeys, you can automate customer acquisition, recognition, and rewards.

Customisable Tiers

Configure tiers for students, staff, community groups, or local businesses, and activate them based on spend, email address, referral codes, or multiple rules. Our platform's flexible tier configuration and rule engine enable you to create a customised membership program that increases loyalty and engagement.

Personalised Content

Journeys offers complete control over content visibility through points, tiers, location, scheduling, or any combination of these. This means each member will see personalised, highly relevant content, driving engagement and enhancing the guest experience.

Customisable Look and Feel

You can customise the look and feel of your membership club to perfectly match your brand identity. Choose from different types of content, such as featured header banners, full-width banners, 50/50 banners, and list content, to create a membership portal that is uniquely yours.

Timely Content Delivery

You can schedule content by date and time, ensuring that it is delivered to members at the perfect moment.

Member Management

Our intuitive CMS empowers you to manage everything from points and tiers to granular details about every member visit. With Journeys, you gain an unparalleled level of insight and understanding into your customers, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive growth.

Insightful Analytics

The Journeys reporting dashboard is a powerful, self-service analytics platform that enables you to gain valuable insights into guest behaviour.

Customisable In-App Messages

You can create customisable in-app pop-ups that can be triggered to display notifications based on specific conditions. These in-app pop-ups are a great way to engage your members and keep them informed about new promotions, special offers, and other important updates.

Extend Your Presence

With out-of-venue content, your business can expand its reach beyond the physical limitations of your venue. Journeys allows you to create a digital club that your customers can access from home or anywhere, with specific content tailored to their needs and preferences. This provides a seamless and convenient way to engage with your customers and keep them connected to your brand.

Email Notifications

Send automated emails to keep members engaged and informed. Configure emails in the Journeys CMS that are triggered by Member Journeys or content CTAs.

Effortless Promotional Codes

Easily manage promotions with Journeys by uploading batches of codes that can be triggered by a Member Journey or a content CTA. This allows you to efficiently issue promotions and keep track of code utilisation all in one place.

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